Welcome to Blometech, where advanced automated trading systems meet robust security. Discover strategies published on Darwinex under the handle @joyny.

Risk Management

Each strategy employs either hard Stop Losses or dynamic Stop Losses managed by Expert Advisors to safeguard investments.

Diversified Portfolios

Trading capital is allocated across multiple accounts in varying proportions, allowing investors to select the specific accounts they wish to follow.

Reliable Hosting

All trading strategies operate on Virtual Private Servers (VPS) for enhanced reliability, with physical locations in the United Kingdom and Germany.

Constant Monitoring

Each server is continuously monitored by a secondary server to ensure uninterrupted performance.

Active Alerts

Expert Advisors (EAs) send regular "I'm working" signals to a central server. If a signal is missed, an alert is immediately triggered to address potential issues.

Performance-Based Adjustments

Should any account experience a drawdown that is twice the maximum analyzed in historical performance, the strategy is paused and reviewed for redesign to mitigate risks and improve future performance.

Optimal Entry Points

Starting to follow accounts during drawdowns is recommended for potentially better returns. The equity line represents real performance, not a trend.

Diversification for Enhanced Security

Investors are encouraged to diversify their capital across at least 10 different DARWINs, including those outside Blometech, to mitigate risks and enhance returns. Spreading investments across multiple strategies ensures greater stability and security.

Investor Insights and Discussions Forum

Join the Forum for regular updates on strategy performance, detailed explanations about drawdowns, insights into strategy redesigns, and tips on optimal entry points. The forum is also a place for investors to ask questions, share experiences, and engage directly with the trading strategies and their performance.